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Edmonton, AB

October 2022

1,185 SQ FT

AWARD WINNER - 2023 MASI Award - Restaurant – Silver

AWARD WINNER - 2023 Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada Design Innovation $100,000-$250,000

Every once in a while you get a Client who truly values the essence of design and the process to get there. In 2021 we were engaged by Ryan Kim to help design a truly wonderful, modern and zen-like cafe in Glenridding in SW Edmonton.

Our concept was to create a unique environment that felt too good to be true. Tucked away in a typical CRU, Monacci Coffeehouse truly defies the building by which it resides in.

The public space is divided into two zones: barista and seating. Each zone plays on different aspects of the journey through coffee. On the seating side, there is the monochromatic colour palete which is journey through the layering of coffee and milk in an origami, zen like setting. As specialty coffess have layers of texture and flavour the seating area has layers and textures of white oak used in various capacities while the Canadian designed and made Anony Highwire lighting dances along the 40 foot wall, to symbolize coffee beans falling into your drink.

Juxtaposed with the origami and angles of the seating side, the barista side is more tones of whites with various textures of stone, site poured concrete counters and hand applied plaster. While a custom La Marzocco Strada from National Cappuccino & Pasta Equipment Ltd. helps to showcase the quality of the cafe.

Thank you to all those involved in this project.

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