Holiday Gift Guide - 2020

As Designers, we are often in the trenches with our Clients at the beginning of their journey. We are there to help create built environments to help support their business. Whethre it is a clothing store or optometry store, or even your local quick serve or full-service restaurants, design plays a huge role in helping shape a user's experience and compliment the Client's brand.

Now factor in 2020 and many local small businesses have been struggling. As Designer's we are doing our part to help design these new small businesses on budget, and support our Clients in as many ways as possible. Since our inception, the majority of our Clients have been small business Owners. We have had the pleasure of helping so many of them achieve success and now more than ever, we want to continue to do our part by sharing their stories and letting you know of some other amazing small businesses to support this holiday season.

Whether it's purchasing a gift card, buying something small, using up your end of year health benefits or getting take-out this holiday season, we wanted to let you know of some amazing options that we have been proud to be apart of.

From all of us at Bold Interior Design Inc, we thank each of our Clients for their past trust in us and we look forward to supporting you in the future.


Baked Brands (Calgary) -

Caffe Sorrentino’s 109 Street -

Fifendekel (34 Avenue) -

Olly Fresco’s (108 Street & Edmonton City Centre) -

Sorrentino’s West -

Studio Club Café -

Top Shots -

Umi Sushi Express (Midtown, Saskatoon) -

Wilhauk Beef Jerky (Spruce Grove) -


Kids With Cancer Society -


Beauty Plus (Lawson Heights Mall and Midtown, Saskatoon)

Bogie & Bacall Salon (Kelowna) -

Londonderry Tailors & Dry Clean (Londonderry Mall) -

Masterlab Yoga Sport & Performance Food -

Merle Norman (Southgate) -

Once Piercing & Tattoo -

Page the Cleaner (118 Avenue) -

Tommie Salon -


Carat Jewellers (Millwoods Town Centre & Londonderry Mall) -

Gas City Vapes (Medicine Hat) -

Love Boutique (Kingsway Mall) -

Luv N’ Stuff (West Edmonton Mall)

Lux Mrkt -

No Excuses (West Edmonton Mall)

Monotop Shoes (Londonderry Mall) -

Racks for Cars (99 Street) -

River City Games (Kingsway Mall, 99 Street, West Edmonton Mall & Sherwood Park) -

Steeped Monkey Brains -

Sweet Convenience -


Beyond Vision Millwoods -

Beyond Vision Terwillegar -

Charm Optical -

Capital Vision Care (Southgate) -

Envision Eye Care -

Eye & Co -