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Edmonton, AB

September 2016

With a vast portfolio of retail and hospitality experience, coupled with our past experience in various food court build-outs with developers, we were hired as a specialty interior design consultant to MacEwan’s base building architect. Our services included interior design concept, conceptual layout, overseeing contract documents as well as assisting with brand implementation while coordinating branding with the Client’s brand development consultant.

The project started off with a master plan to reinvent food services at MacEwan’s City Centre Campus. Working closely with Retail and Hospitality Services, the new plan provided a vision for the present and the future. Planning included relocating replacing various existing food Tenants. With the relocation of one major existing Tenant, the existing location of three old CRU’s provided the catalyst for what is now Oven, Taste & CareIt Urban Deli.

The overall functional concept was to provide a design that allowed the ability to provide a varying offering of food services with minimal costs to changes. The design implemented a decorative front shroud where varying pieces of kitchen equipment could be placed, moved or shifted based on varying menus. The use of portable sneeze-guards further permitted the flexibility of location of food displays. The implementation of two Urban Cultivators furthered the new approach to campus food offerings by offering fresh, locally grown produce and herbs for the menu offerings.

Considering existing structure, the previously built structural security grill bulkhead and signage canopy was clad and rebuilt using an engineered Walnut tile with a groove that allows the Owner to move, add or delete non-illuminated signs easily with no down-time, damage or construction. Hand-pressed diamond tiles with varying patterns combined with solid surface counters provide a contemporary look to the space while meeting the Owner’s maintenance requirements.

With the renovations completed, the Owner saw an uptake of 10% in sales in it’s opening month over the previous year’s opening month while at the same time providing a fresher and more inspiring food offering to staff and students.

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