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Design is a push/pull relationship between designer and client. The best designs are achieved with a strong team approach and a process that achieves an end that exceeded the client's visions and dreams.

–Troy Dashney, Principal

An Edmonton based boutique full-service interior design firm, Bold Design was originally established in 2007 by its Principal, Troy Dashney while he was working as an interior designer at one of Canada’s most distinguished integrated architectural and interior design firms when the firm would pass on smaller projects to its designers to work with on the side.


Bold Interior Design Inc. has a passion for design, client relationships and the endeavoring promise to work with Clients and truly implement the client needs with unique design solutions.


Bold Interior Design Inc. has a vast experience in a variety of design projects with extensive experience in understanding both Client and Landlord perspectives, which aid in many unique situations.  We pride ourselves on having great Client relationships that continue well past the completion of any design and construction project.

Our firm has previous work experience in a variety of municipalities from Vancouver to Winnipeg and along with that an extensive list of peer-relationships with various Consultants, Suppliers and Contractors to assist with all of our Client needs.


Bold Interior Design Inc.’s philosophy is to provide bold design solutions while fully engaging the Client combined with one-on-one tailored service and attention to detail.

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