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Edmonton, AB

Winter 2015

2,000 SQ FT

6 Semi-Private Treatment Rooms

Inspired by the bold forms as well as the contrasting materials and colours of the late Zaha Hadid, D&D Dental Clinic strikes a balance between a bold contrasting public space and the clean modern forms of each of its six operatories. Taking cues from the Client’s branding colours, this clinic’s unique juxtaposition of black and white which isn’t often seen in this industry is offset and brightened by the bright chartreuse accents as well as custom translucent blue glass as seen as inserts in doors and the custom operatory dividers. Incorporating Sirona chairs, each modern operatory is self sufficient including its own chair mounted Sirona intra-oral xray. Each operatory has a complementary accent upholstery colour. Juxtaposing the white operatories is the unique black corridor which helps define the space.

The front reception area boasts nearly twenty-foot high ceilings, with a very modern reception desk with a sculptural yet architectural inclusive lighting feature.

While bold in its unique black and white approach, the clinic remains inviting and creating a truly one of a kind experience for staff and patients.

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