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Edmonton, AB

February 2020

1,823 SQ FT

2 Exam Lanes

Located in Chapelle Commons in Southwest Edmonton, Eye & Co is a boutique full-service optometry clinic. A modern, subtle Parisienne feeling with subtle timeless detailing was the look our Client wanted. But first we needed to get a space plan that worked in this unique pie-shaped space while having a substantial number of windows on the wide end of the space.

With exam rooms, pre-test and visual field rooms all requiring light control, this pie-shaped space provided its challenge; however, the end result was perfect. Utilizing a central hub for the space combining the visual fields and the reception area, we created a ring-road type of layout. The exam rooms, staff room and washroom are all easily accessible from any part of the clinic. This allowed for much of the natural light to fill all parts of the space including down into the back area.

With over nineteen-foot ceilings, and vast windows, we wanted to highlight the vertical feeling of the space. As such, using custom black metal work to accentuate the height and complimented by large scale gold hanging Matteo light fixtures, the space is well used from floor to ceiling.

To help with the Parisienne feeling and timeless detailing, curved walls as well as a custom two-tier curved reception desk were created to help soften the space. A pink and beige wallcovering adorned key walls as well as all walls in the centre spine of the ring road. To provide the ambiance of a fresh and natural space, a replica green wall was incorporated based on value and long-term ease of maintenance.

Custom retail fixtures adorned all walls as well as a custom adjustment/fit table in the retail area.

The final space is bright, airy and very much represents the Client’s personality.

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