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Edmonton, AB

Various Years

As part of the our ongoing phased renovations to Peace Hills Trust Tower, when it came to the washrooms, we wanted to create a modern environment which was still in keeping with the historical age of the building. In keeping with some of the colour schemes used in the 8th Floor Lobby renovation, we pulled together a modern pallet of greys and off-whites. However, the first thing we needed to do was upon up the washrooms. With a very small and inefficient vestibule as you entered each washroom, we deleted this and instead substituted a modern stainless steel and Lumicor acrylic privacy screen to provide some privacy in each washroom. Grey porcelain tile along with a modern linear grey glass tile help bring a neutral and modern pallet to the washrooms. An art-deco inspired linen textured and pattern wallcovering adorns all walls. In keeping with luxurious residential interiors, the vanity was designed as a furniture showpiece of custom welded stainless steel, quartz top and a flip-up millwork valance to access the furniture waste bin. Modern, almost iridescent LED pendant lights accentuate each sink while the mirror glows with a modern touch of concealed LEDs at the top and bottom.

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