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Erin Ridge Dental is located in the expanding Northern portion of St. Abert.  Inspired by nature, this clinic was designed to be soothing and welcoming from the first steps into the clinic.


Upon entering, patients are greeted with a light filled vestibule wrapped in transparent foliage window graphics.  Moments later, you are further greeted by the calming scents of the living green wall that adorns the large wall to your left.  A tone has now been set.


The reception desk continues this concept of nature by using a gorgeous three-inch thick, fourteen-foot  long piece of fallen maple sourced from Vancouver island.  The floors mimic salvaged woods in greys and blacks, while being truly a low maintenance tile.


The clinic boasts 7 fully enclosed operatories, a central lab, steri and walk-through pan area ready for a future ceph.  The operatory corridors also receive a second green wall feature when you enter the back area.


This clinic is truly inspiring, calming and a far departure from many modern day clinics.

Location: St. Albert, AB 
Completed: Jan 2016
Size: 2,500 sq ft
Operatories: 7 private operatories
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