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What does grandma’s modern kitchen and sandwich shop look like?  Exactly like Fifendekel’s new location on 34 Avenue.  The first new location in nearly fifteen years, Bold Design Inc took a fresh approach on this well-established local brand.


Through discussions with the Owner on the history, the present and the future of this third-generation family business, this new location needed to respect the feel of the offerings while creating a new image.  Inspired by the warmth of fresh baked breads and the visuals of family gatherings, the design approach used light woods and copper finishes to mimic old world kitchens.  Vintage inspired light fixtures hanging from salvaged barn windows in the main seating area helped define and divide the space while becoming a feature within the room.  


The overall feeling we feel has helped elevate the feel of this great restaurant success story and bring grandma’s cooking to everyone in this contemporary space.

City: Edmonton, AB 
Location: 34 Avenue
Completed: September 2013
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