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City: Edmonton, AB 
Location: E-Wing, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Completed: Fall 2007

As a graduate from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), it was of great honour for our Principal Troy to be able to design a feature stair for NAIT while working at Kasian Architecture, Interior Design and Planning Inc.  Playing homage to the 1960’s vernacular of the E-wing building, a glass building on all but one side.  Both functional and sculptural, the new stair symbolizes the steps of life through college education.  Curving from the main floor to an intermediate landing, then crossing over itself, the stair seems to defy odds against gravity.  Uniquely designed with no stringer, the large metal stair treads are held together with continuous welds.  The staggered glass guards are pin mounted to each tread creating a sculpture that floats effortlessly in the vast air of the glass cube.  A true homage of design to a school that teaches design and technology.

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