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Edmonton, AB

May 2020

2,700 SQ FT

6 Private Treatment Rooms

AWARD WINNER - 2020 MASI Award - Institutional / Healthcare - Bronze

Located in Chapelle Commons in Southwest Edmonton, Floss Dentistry brings high-tech dentistry to a new and inviting level. Inspired by technology, Floss Dentistry offers spacious exam rooms, on-site crown fabrication and a design palette that is modern yet inviting.

​This new dental clinic is 2,700 square feet and includes six generously sized private operatory rooms, on-site CEREC® crown milling, a tech garage and more. As the first new dental clinic for the Client, the design is an extension of his passion for the dentistry craft, featuring ongoing technological advances fused with high design.

The main goal of the project was to create a unique environment for both the patients and dental staff. The Client had worked in various practices previously and wanted to ensure his practice had something unique based on his specific manner of practice.

We held multiple programming and design sessions to review details of dental cabinets in the operatories, as well as the CEREC milling cabinet and the sterilization center. We reviewed the design on site with tape along with full-size dental chair templates to allow the Client the opportunity to visualize procedures and test the function of the dental cabinetry in their rooms.

Once function was approved, the next step was the aesthetic. Inspired by the world of luxury exotic cars such as Lamborghini and Pagani, the finishes and design needed to evoke a sense of style, experience, and technology. As matte finishes have become very popular amongst exotic car manufacturers, design queue was taken from that industry. The result, featuring FENIX NTM® in Nero Ingo on the lower cabinet fronts and display cases, saw the realization of the Client’s vision.

The soft-texture and matte black finish also helped by not reflecting light which could be distracting. The deep black color was offset with a white solid surface countertop, and upper cabinets faced with Waxed Maple Formica® Laminate.

At the heart of the clinic from a technology standpoint is the CEREC® milling machine to create custom crowns on site. This is a central point for the clinic as this technology-forward piece of equipment had to be front and center for the patients to see.

With six private dental exam rooms with the ability to add future sliding glass doors, there was unplanned, inherent benefits for the clinic post Covid which allowed the Clinic to easily achieve many requirements set forth by the Client’s professional association.

The result is a modern, technologically forward clinic with the foresight to the future for unknown technology and more.

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