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Edmonton, AB

October 2021

1,370 SQ FT

AWARD WINNER - 2022 MASI Award - Retail - Bronze

When Lim Goldsmiths approached us, they brought with them a couple of key objections. Firstly, they wanted to create a unique jewellery shopping experience where the goldsmith room would be visible to all shoppers, just like an open-kitchen restaurant. A second objective was to create a space that felt intimate, provide design details that would complement and help elevate the feeling of the jewellery within the display cases which in turn could help turn showings into sales.

There are three main zones within the store: entry, showroom and goldsmith areas.

The entry zone is a secure vestibule that while transparent in nature has theft-resistant security film on the glass. This provides a welcoming appearance to the space will providing security to the staff.

The main retail showroom is approximately five hundred square feet. As you entre from the vestibule you are greeted with a decompression area that provides spatial separation from the private consult area behind the vertical slat feature while still providing a glimpse into the world of custom jewellery. This decompression area also allows for some spatial separation for other patrons during busy times.

In addition to the decompression area at the entry to the showroom, the rest of the showroom is divided between a linear bank of custom jewellery cases with a semi-private consult area on the other side. It was important of the Client to have the semi-private consult area for patrons to sit, and to be able look at jewels and connect a camera to a Samsung frame TV behind. All while having additional jewellery on display in the custom display cube.

One the main features of the space is the large arched window between the showroom and the goldsmith. The large window truly connects the heart and soul of the store to the mechanical methods used to create exceptional jewellery.

While function played a large role in this project, so did the design concept. Every detail was meticulously thought of. A neutral tonal wood palette of stained white oak, with complimenting luxury vinyl flooring is accented by the use of both polished and brushed gold and brass tone metals by highlighting and accentuating the beauty of the gold metals used in the jewellery. Like many dinner rings with varying forms, the space juxtaposes liner forms with subtle curves in the ceiling along with three large pendant lights which help express the nature of a wedding ring.

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