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Edmonton, AB

November 2016

2,100 SQ FT

6 Private Treatment Rooms

Inspired by the Client’s branding, Royal Dental carried the logo colours throughout the clinic with a bold statement. Royal blues and deep reds are used in a modern linear pattern in various portions of the clinic.

The use of the linear pattern is evident from the vertical, three-dimensional, multi-coloured millwork feature on the rear walls of each operatories, while the unique floor pattern was designed in a way that at each turn, a new portion of the pattern is seen as you walk through the clinic.

The reception area, is well lit with Western natural light and the use of the branding colours continues in the reception area and the patient waiting room washroom.

With just over 2,100 square feet this clinic includes 6 operatories, a warm and inviting reception area, two offices, a staff room, a walk-through galley style steri as well as a pan room with sufficient space for a future ceph.

Combining natural light, the modern look of wall-hung Redl Dentl cabinets and the use of Sirona chairs, the clinic feels modern and clean in forms while still being inviting. This clinic is sure to impress all with it’s royal look and design.

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