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Edmonton, AB

January 2016

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have a Client approach us with such a great vision, that we get beyond excited to put pen to paper, Steeped Monkey Brains was one such Client.

With an existing online retail store, it was time to create a brick and mortar location. Referred to the Client based on past retail experience, Bold Interior Design Inc. Inc was tasked to bring this new online concept to the built world.

Three key programming requirements were: 1) a feature display wall to display the hundreds of available e-juice, 2) a tasting and sampling bar and finally 3), a design aesthetic as unique as the logo. All three of these requirements were met and exceeded.

To help work through the first programming requirement, we looked at the existing space, which was long and narrow. In order to counter the narrow aspect to the space and create a difference in programmed zones, we angled all new walls and features by ten degrees off. This started to set in motion a play on spaces. The main retail bar features a rolling ladder in the corporate orange colour that is both a design feature and functional to help access and display the e-juice on the eight-foot tall illuminated retail display.

Around the corner, a stand-up sample bar was created with space allocated for over one hundred samples.

Inspired by the Client’s logo and the natural movement of air vapour, we created a custom CNC cut MDF cloud over the vape lounge at the back. Lacquered in the branded blue, the cloud not only plays homage to the branded colours, but also to the movement of vape air and became the anchoring design feature at the back of the store.

This certainly has become a unique retail venue for Edmonton’s vape community.

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