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Edmonton, AB

January 2016

2,100 SQ FT

4 Semi-Private Treatment Rooms, 2 Private Treatment Rooms

Our Client’s business was expanding and relocating all at the same time. Utilizing existing equipment was key to the Client’s budget, while also playing a large roll on layout as to be able to reuse existing fixtures. Growing from three to six ops was the key number for our Client.

Our layout utilized a full wall of East facing windows that would flood the four semi-private ops with natural light. Separated by an adjacent corridor, two additional fully enclosed private operatories for children treatments or for patients that request additional privacy.

Located in an existing medical professional building, the new reception area was adorned with a new glass entry into the building. A two-piece reception desk area provided a check-in as well as a semi-private payment/consult area.

Matching the Client’s existing Adec cabinets, the rest of the warm and contemporary colour pallet quickly fell into place.

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