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Edmonton, AB

February 2021

7,000 SQ FT

AWARD WINNER - 2022 Architectural Woodwork
Manufacturers Association of Canada
Outstanding Millwork $100,000 - $250,000

Located in a building originally built in the mid 1970's, our involvement started well before design, and that was with the leasing stage and assisting both the Landlord and our Client to do due diligence on the practicality and ability for this old space to be brought up to current building codes, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA), and CSA codes as it relates to Non-Hospital Surgical Facilities.

​Working closely with Arrow Engineering and Seagate Contract Management, we put together a synopsis of the costs and options to ensure the project is feasible for all parties. After a few months of due diligence, the project commenced.

Straddling the building into both the North and South half of the building, our first step was to apply for a Building Permit to remove a partial fire suppression system that would meet current Codes but provide dollar value to the Client.

From there the design commenced. As the Clinic straddles a structural concrete block wall at the mid-point, our design focused around separating the public spaces from the examination spaces. As such the majority of the public spaces ended up on the North half of the space as this included the ability for more natural light due to higher existing exterior window units and the ability for a larger entry vestibule.

From there a ring-road was created around the entire clinic to provide flow efficiencies and spatial separations. A staff entrance was created on the South half entering into the examination area while a doctor's entrance on the Northwest corner was created to provide doctors with direct and discrete access from their private parking stalls.

Working with the Client's branding agency, we took cues from the established branding colours to prepare a classic, elegant and timeless material selection of blue, brass, gold and Sapele mahogany woods. Contrasting with the wood, gold and blue was a neutral yet warm large format porcelain tile in the entry along with varying patterns of LVT in the corridors and examination rooms.

The reception and waiting area are denoted by gentle curves, unique natural cork wallcoverings, a special bench with a 200" linear fireplace feature and a digital market area with four landscape mounted digital monitors to create a striking feature. The curves continue with the boutique visual merchandising of various skincare products.

​While the space is designed to be classic and approachable, behind the scenes is a state-of-the art HVAC system with over ten independent cooling/heating zones, current compliance with the CPSA and CSA standards for medical facilities. IP addressed lighting systems also provide energy efficiency as well as the ability to control various lighting requirements with touchscreens. Working with the Client, multiple electrical provisions were made for the unknown future of dermatological procedures and lasers.

​Also included as a separate project for a sub-tenant is Vida Pharmacy, a 750 sq ft Level C, Non-Hazardous Compounding Pharmacy in the Southeast corner of the facility with an integrated connection to Vida Dermatology as well as direct access to the parking lot for patients.

​The achieved result is a space which provides the latest in technology while been classic, inviting and luxurious.

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