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With the vast growth of MacEwan University (MacEwan) since it’s opening combined with the consolidation of buildings and the opening of Rogers Place in downtown Edmonton, Towers Pub was ripe for a renovation.


Working closely with the Owner’s branding consultant Habit, the renovation entailed a new brand, logo and vision for the campus pub.  Based on the architectural significance of the concrete towers at MacEwan, the old 109 Street Rat Hole, as well as historical quotes from historical Albertans the likes of Dr. Grant MacEwan, Fay Wray and Nellie McClung, the new look plays homage to the historical context of these architectural and local celebrities. 


Implementing historical black and white photographs of downtown Edmonton, pictures of major historical Albertans and quotes combined with the MacEwan maroon colour, the new space is a fresh approach to a campus Pub.


New graphics, new lights as well as built in seating helps pave the way for the refresh.  With restrictions on exterior branding and signage, the exterior facing drywall bulkheads were provided with large vinyl signs and LED lighting to help provide branded visuals on 104 Avenue while respecting AGLC signage restrictions.

City: Edmonton, AB 
Location: Towers Pub
Completed: September 2016
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